FOR SALE: 37 Adirondack Trail: $1,389,900


Located six tenths of a mile from the Merritt Parkway, Easton Woods 2 is the premier subdivision in Easton, CT. Easton Woods was first developed in the early 1990's with a total of 44 luxury homes. EW2 will add an additional 16 homes.

EW2 will have homes of similar size and quality to EW with home sizes ranging predominantly from 4,000-7,000 sq ft. All lots are a minimum of 3 acres and are serviced by city water, septic and natural gas. There are restrictive covenants in place for the subdivision. Click here to see our currently available homes!

The community of Easton is ranked the "#1 Small Town in CT" as established by Connecticut Magazine.


​​​​Lot 8: SOLD


​​​​Lot 3, 9, 10 & 12: FOR SALE

$409,900 per lot

Lot 2: SOLD

36 Adirondack Trl: SOLD